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A state-of-the-art airline simulation.

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  • Extensive Schedules

    With over 2000 schedules all across Europe you are sure to never get bored. You can start exploring our vast route network today!

  • True Sense of Community

    We are a fantastic flight-sim community with members from all parts of the globe and all experience levels. Why don't your join us on one of our regular events?

  • Dedicated Staff Team

    A highly dedicated staff team puts in a huge amount of time and effort on a daily basis to keep everything running smoothly.

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What can we offer?

Reward Shop

We offer the Reward Shop; a place where you can spend the points you receive from completing flights and events!

Real-World Schedules

Our Flight Schedules and aircraft match the real-world operations of easysim Virtual! Want realism? You'll love us!

Flight Briefing Package

We offer detailed flight dispatch releases as part of each schedule. Fly like the pros fly!

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Latest News

A new Vice!

We'd like to welcome a new member of staff to the EasySim Team! Jason Webb has now joined us as Vice CEO while we look in ways of progressing our VA moving forward with the modren online Virutal Airline community. Jason has already started his role and is getting to grips with our methods very quickly and we hope that he will have a bright and happy future with EasySim.


Happy Flying!

Curtis Burford, CEO, EZY001

Love Sharing Screenshots?

We love showing them! These are just a few our pilots have shared. We change them frequently, so come back often!

Need More Info?

We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please use the relevant email address from the list on the right side. If you are not sure who to contact, choose one randomly and we will try to forward it to the right place. Thanks for getting in touch!

Curtis Burford Chief Executive Officer (UK-VAG)


Matt Rumsey CEO (EasySim)


Jason Webb Vice CEO


Victor Piorel Operations Manager


Amy Macensie Human Resources